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Do you need food safety services? We’re here to help your business.

As you know, at STS Solutions we genuinely believe that food safety shouldn’t be difficult. We’ve been offering our clients bespoke yet comprehensive food safety services for over 30 years; that’s why we’ve worked with businesses from every area of the food sector. We offer our food safety services to every business so whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got the package you need.

Food Safety Services

At STS Solutions, we are happy to offer a wide range of food safety services to fit your business. If you require all encompassing food safety services or someone to devise a HACCP plan, you can trust STS.

Our full range of food safety services includes:

  • Food Complaint Investigations Let our food safety experts investigate your food complaints, saving you time. We’ll also provide you with comprehensive feedback on what happened and how it can be resolved/avoided in the future.
  • Food Poisoning and Outbreak Controls Has a customer claimed to have had food poisoning from your products or in your restaurant? Let us find out what’s happened, and if the allegations are true, we’ll help you ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Food Safety Audits Our team of food safety experts are on hand to visit your premises and also advise of any potential issues before they happen, enabling you to avoid the bad publicity that could go along with any accident or incident occurring on your property.
  • Food Safety Consultancy Whatever your business needs, our advisors are on hand when you need them most to provide advice and, most importantly, ensure that your business doesn’t run into any issues.
  • Food Supplier AssessmentsEnsure that your suppliers are providing you with the highest quality products and ingredients. We audit against bespoke supplier audit standards designed specifically for your business.
  • HACCP DevelopmentWe’ll work with your business to create a bespoke HACCP development programme designed to your specific requirements.
  • Simply Safe Net – This is our intelligent Food Safety and Health and Safety tool, bringing all your Food Safety and Health and Safety management together in one simple and effective package.
  • Take 5Whether you’re a restaurant, deli, cafe or any other kind of business serving food to the general public, our Take 5 package provides you with the cover your business needs.

So don’t delay, call STS Solutions today on 0845 862 8030 for your free consultation. Our experts are on hand, waiting to speak to you!

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