14th July 2016

E.coli – The Misunderstood Bacterium

E.coli is a misunderstood bacterium as most strains are generally harmless, in fact it actually helps us with digestion...

20th June 2016

Personal Hygiene – The Do’s And Don’ts!

Personal Hygiene – What Should You Be Doing? Good personal hygiene is not hard to implement and monitor, but...

8th June 2016

Clostridium Botulinum…Rare But Deadly!

What Is Clostridium Botulinum? If you are not familiar with¬†Clostridium botulinum, don’t worry, it’s probably because it very rarely...

4th June 2016

Campylobacter – The Twisted Bacteria

Campylobacter is the main cause of Gastroenteritis in the UK… Characteristics Though probably one of the lesser known food-borne...

23rd May 2016

‘Must know’ Guidance On E.coli 0157

Does your business handle raw and ready to eat food? If so you must be aware of this new...


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