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4th November 2016

How Can You Keep Your Business Food Safety Compliant?

We’ve already talked about the importance of food safety, however, ensuring that every member of your staff is constantly complying with the most basic food safety requirements will always be a challenge for every food business. You can’t keep watch over your staff 24/7 and you shouldn’t have to. Your internal policies should be enough to ensure that every member of your staff follows basic food safety procedures.

What Are The Basic Food Safety Requirements?

If your business operates within any part of the food industry, you must:

  • ensure that all food is safe for consumption
  • do not add, remove or treat and item of food in a way that could make it harmful for consumption
  • ensure every item of food is of the same quality that you claim it is
  • do not use misleading food labelling, advertising or marketing
  • keep records on where you got food from (such as suppliers) and you must be able to provide this this information on demand (known as “traceability“)
  • ensure any food which is unsafe for consumption is removed and an incident report is created
  • inform people as to why any items have been recalled
  • if you sell food to the general public, ensure your food hygiene rating is visible for all customers to clearly see

Sounds Simple Right?

Keeping a business compliant with the constantly evolving food safety legislation can prove difficult for every business, regardless of size. That’s why many businesses within the food industry employ the services of external food safety consultancies. An external food safety consultancy, such as STS Solutions, can ease your workload by not only advising you on what changes your business need to make, but they can physically help you enact the required changes. If you’re completing all the above mentioned basic food safety requirements but have only achieved a food safety rating of 3, what would you do to increase your rating to a 5? An external consultancy would be able to attend your premise to complete a range of services such as conducting a food safety audit, helping with the development of a HACCP system or providing your business with a food safety management system. By using the services of an external consultancy, you could very easily increase a low rating to a 5* rating in minimal time and you would be able to outwardly demonstrate to EHO’s that you are actively taking steps to protect your business, your staff and your customers.

Are you currently working with an external consultant? If not, why not get in touch with one of our experts and see how we could help you. Whatever your business needs, our experts are here to assist you with anything that you need. From developing a HACCP system, improving your food hygiene rating or if you just need help responding to an allegation of food poisoning give us a call. We’re waiting to hear from you. Get in touch today on 01252 728 300 to see what we can do!


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