STS Solutions Training
5th October 2016

Test your knowledge of food-borne illnesses

Do you know your campylobacter from your listeriosis? If you work in the food industry you might want to test your knowledge with our quick quiz:

Having a customer fall ill with food poisoning after visiting your business is not an outcome anyone would like but, unfortunately, it can happen.

If you are ever unfortunate enough to receive a food complaint against your business, how you respond and deal with any food complaints can have more of an impact on your business than the initial complaint itself.

When businesses follow all food safety and food hygiene regulations, ensure their staff is up to speed with all the latest training and closely manage their food supply chain, they should be able to control the risks and receive the highest 5* hygiene ratings.

If you find your food safety knowledge needs refreshing, give STS a call on 01252 728 300

Our experts helped draft the guidelines on behalf of the Food Safety Agency and can ensure that you and your staff have the very latest knowledge on all food-borne illnesses, keeping you fully compliant and protecting your business from harm.


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