Simply Safe Enhanced

simply safe enhanced

The Simply Safe Enhanced Food Safety Package (Formerly Take 5 Enhanced)

At STS Solutions, we like to go the extra mile and give you that little bit more. We’ve taken our popular Simply Safe food safety package and improved it to create the all new Simply Safe Enhanced package.

Our Simply Safe Enhanced package is specifically tailored to meet your needs. This cost-effective package provides a wide range of services for food businesses who wish to protect their reputation. Allowing you to maintain the highest of standards whilst saving both time and money in doing so.

Our Simply Safe Enhanced Package Includes:

But most importantly, our Simply Safe Enhanced package meets all the legal requirements a food business must comply with to remain food-safe.

The Simply Safe Enhanced Package Is The Comprehensive Food Safety Solution. Benefits Include:

The package will help you to safeguard customers, guests and staff. It also helps you to make sure the food you serve is safe and free from contamination. The risk of food poisoning and contamination will be reduced.

As well as supporting your organisation to have sound food safety standards in place, our package will have a positive impact on your Food Hygiene Ratings. Our FSMS is highly regarded by enforcement officers and working with STS increases their confidence in your business.

What Happens On A Food Safety Visit?

Our visits pre-empt EHO inspections and enable our independent food safety experts to cast a fresh pair of eyes. Allowing you to make any improvements before the inspection. With our help, you will also stay one step ahead of the EHO. The Simply Safe Enhanced package will help make sure your organisation is legally compliant, that due diligence documentation is watertight and, as such, that the risk of enforcement action is reduced.

Safe food and favourable Food Hygiene Ratings will also help ensure your organisation avoids bad publicity, damaging press and reviews. Simply Safe Enhanced will help protect your reputation, cultivating a favourable reputation and image in the eyes of your customers.

The prospect of an external audit can motivate your teams to put in place and follow the correct procedures. Our coaching approach will help you to motivate your teams. We believe that high standards deserve positive recognition. ‘Certificates of Excellence’ provide recognition for clients with the great standards and provide an opportunity for managers and their teams to receive coaching on food safety and health and safety, and have their questions answered, leading to deepened understanding and insight into safety. Our suite of e-learning courses will also help you develop your team and business in a time and cost effective manner.

Still Not Convinced Simply Safe Enhanced Is For You?

Having the Simply Safe Enhanced package and working alongside STS Solutions communicates and also demonstrates a clear commitment to food safety by business owners and management teams.

We recognise that as a business owner/manager, food safety is a very important aspect of your job but, in is also just a fraction of what you have to manage. Working alongside the food safety experts at STS Solutions, you can rest assured that the food safety aspects of your business are under control, giving you peace of mind and freeing up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

For more information on our Simply Safe Enhanced package or our other food safety services, call us today on 0845 862 8030.