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22nd March 2018

Is Your Business HACCP Compliant? How Can A HACCP Assessment Help?

If you work in the food or hospitality industry, you’ve probably heard of HACCP before. If you own or manage a restaurant, a food manufacturer or supplier then you’ll definitely be aware of the importance of ensuring your business is HACCP compliant. You’ll probably also already know the role that a HACCP assessment can play in ensuring you achieve and remain HACCP compliant. But, let’s assume for one moment that you’ve never had a HACCP assessment before and that you’re business isn’t currently HACCP compliant. Why should you be concerned and what should your business be doing to?

What Is A HACCP Assessment?

HACCP is a food safety system which is used when managing potential dangers and risks within the food industry. If you work in, manage or operate a food business, at some point you will be required to conduct a risk assessment to identify hazards and create a plan to control these hazards. Generally, this risk assessment process will be based on the principles of HACCP.

HACCP is important for food businesses and the food industry because it goes beyond the point of just inspecting finished food product quality. A HACCP assessment will allow a business to identify, fix correct and where required, prevent hazards throughout the production process. This includes physical contamination, chemical contamination and any biological hazards. By identifying potential hazards throughout the production process, a HACCP assessment enables food businesses to ensure that their finished products are of the highest quality. So regardless of whether you are a food supplier or a food manufacturer, you can see why a HACCP assessment would be important for your business and your customers.

Becoming HACCP Compliant

So you’ve completed your HACCP assessment, does that mean your business is now HACCP compliant?

In short, as long as you carry out any recommended actions then yes, you should be HACCP compliant. In fact, if you had a registered third party assessor or auditing company complete your assessment they may have provided you with your HACCP certification. However, if you conducted the assessment yourself or if it wasn’t conducted by a reputable HACCP certification provider then your business may not be HACCP compliant. Always bear this in mind when organising a HACCP assessment, it must be conducted by a reputable HACCP auditor, like STS, to guarantee that your business is HACCP compliant.

How STS Can Help

As well as offering our own audit standards, STS are able to assess your business to HACCP standards and help you design and implement a bespoke HACCP plan. Want to find out more about how we can help? Give us a call today on 0845 862 8030 or complete a contact form and a member of our team would be more than happy to help!



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