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9th December 2016

Birmingham Businesses Struggling

Four Birmingham hotels and restaurants have scored a zero hygiene rating during inspections. ITV reports that the Hotel Du Vin, Jury’s Inn, Chung Ying Central and Chung Ying Garden all received the lowest rating from inspectors.

STS Director Fiona Sinclair says the fact that a five star hotel such as the Hotel Du Vin has been given a food hygiene rating of zero illustrates what our teams have already seen. There is good and bad practice everywhere and, just because a restaurant/hotel is a first class/five star brand does not necessarily mean that you will find top notch food safety in the kitchen. Yes the two usually go hand in hand but it isn’t always the case; we have seen for ourselves five star premises with unsafe practices and poor standards. On the other hand we’ve also found many premises that people may perceive has having lower standards e.g. the local greasy spoon cafe be extremely diligent with scrupulous standards. When it comes to food safety you just can’t judge a book by its cover!

The beauty of the food hygiene rating system is that food businesses which are not up to scratch have nowhere to hide. The information is public for all to see and bad practices can no longer be kept behind closed doors.

The other thing to remember when it comes to food hygiene ratings is that large, prestigious companies can have robust systems in place but they are only as good as their weakest link. If standards unravel at local level then this can expose both customers and the brand. One reason why regular external audits from a company such as STS is so important is that we can help identify any weak links and support a company promptly to ensure they will reach highest ratings when inspectors come to their premises.

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