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All food safety starts with your supplier – ensuring you source from a reputable food supplier keeps you one step ahead. Quality ingredients make it easier to avoid further food safety issues down the line. With our food supplier assessments, we ensure that food from our supplier clients is safe for consumption.

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Why Should You Book A Food Supplier Assessment?

Food safety is paramount to the reputation of both you and your business. Knowing your suppliers consistently reach agreed audit standards protects your business and your reputation.

We are aware that industry standards such as the BRC are not always suited to your needs. Our bespoke supplier audit standards will be designed to fit your business. Our experts will work with you to create a food safety audit which fits your specifications. Additionally, we will work with the system you already have in place.

We audit against a variety of standards from across all sectors of food manufacture and distribution including BRC Codes of Practice and our very own STS Codes of Practice. You will be provided with a detailed analysis of all areas of compliance within your selected audit standard upon completion of any food supplier assessments.

We firmly believe in ensuring that we provide you with good value for money. Where required our food supplier assessments are arranged to integrate more than one food safety audit standard.

Pre Audits

If you are unsure whether your business is currently in a position to achieve certification, STS Solutions can also arrange pre-audit food supplier assessments against your selected standard. Consequently, this provides an understanding of your current level of food safety compliance and detailed advice where any improvements are needed.

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