Investigating Food Complaints

investigating food complaints

Food Complaint Investigations

No business wants to receive food complaints, however we believe they can be an important learning tool for all companies. That’s why our food complaint investigations service has proven to be an invaluable tool for many food businesses.

If you ever receive a food complaint against your business, how you respond is imperative. It can have more of an impact on your business – either positive or negative than the initial food complaint itself.

At STS Solutions we believe that investigating food complaints will help you and your supplier to improve. It’s important to find out and understand what went wrong and how to prevent similar food complaints in the future.

By thoroughly investigating any food complaints you are ensuring that your company is compliant with your food safety management system and therefore reduces the potential for any environmental health enforcement issues which may be caused by repeated food complaints.

If you need help when undertaking a food complaint investigation at your business, we’re here to help!

Our compliance tool, Simply Safe Net, is your first port of call for food complaint investigations and reporting, providing complaint submission forms and detailed analytics of all food complaints submitted.

We also investigate every complaint, liaising with your suppliers understand what went wrong, and where you can improve.

Our experts conduct investigations and identify sources of food contamination. Once identified we’ll provide you with a comprehensive food complaint investigation to prevent food complaints from recurring.

For more information about STS Solutions complaint investigations service or our award winning range of food management systems, food safety services, e-learning courses and training programmes, contact a member of our support team today on 0845 862 8030  or complete the contact form and we’d be happy to get back to you.