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2nd June 2016

It is a legal requirement to have a documented food safety management system based on HACCP principles. It may be that you have a system that gets you by and ticks the box when it comes to your EHO inspection, but is your system as effective as it should be? Should something happen would it stand up to EHO scrutiny? Additionally can it be relied upon to keep you out of court?

These are the ideal features of a documented food safety management system:

A User Friendly Food Safety Management System

With working lives that are busier than ever, who has time to wade through pages of complicated, wordy waffle? The clearer, more concise and easy to read your system is, the more likely it is to be read, understood and ultimately implemented by your team. Policies and procedures should be spelled out in black and white, avoiding grey areas which could be open to interpretation. Finally, the document needs to be consistent throughout to avoid any confusion.

Our approach to our food safety management systems and HACCP development here at STS is to keep things simple yet safe.

A Food Safety Management System Tailored To Your Operations

Generic, off the shelf, “one size fits all” food safety systems are all too common. Your system should reflect what can, and should, happen in practice within your operations. Keep your food safety management system realistic, practical and fit for your business.

The extent of the system depends on the nature and size of the operations i.e. a cook chill production unit will be more detailed and complex than a small restaurant i.e. cook serve.

We stand out from the crowd because our food safety management system is bespoke to your business needs. We understand the importance of having something designed to suit you perfectly, and pride ourselves in avoiding the traditional “off the shelf” approach.

A Comprehensive Food Safety Management System

Your food safety management system should protect your business. Infrequent events such as BBQ’s or hospitality; cooking methods like sous vide; and specific policies e.g. for eggs are commonly missing. Failure to produce a comprehensive system could also leave you at risk if an accident occurs in an area which is missing from your documented system.

To get a thorough understanding of what your business needs from a food safety management system, we look at your food service provision from raw material purchase right through to your final service, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Strikes A Balance

Do you really want unnecessary monitoring forms and staff spending valuable time logging superfluous information? Monitoring forms should strike a balance, they need to capture necessary information for management and due diligence purposes, yet also not be overly onerous.

Our food safety management documentation is clear, concise and jargon-free. We provide you with comprehensive not overbearing record keeping systems to ensure you maintain due-diligence at all times.

Understood By Your Team

Why have a decent documented system if your team is doesn’t know about relevant content. Your staff should know what they need to do. You can achieve this with training, supervision, staff meetings, posters etc. Make the documented system easily available and also encourage your team to use it for reference purposes.

At STS, our award winning training offers courses in both Level 2 and Level 3 HACCP development. We ensure you know how to implement and meet your legal requirements.

Up To Date

Changes will occur over time which means your food safety management system will need reviewing. Have you introduced new production methods that need updating in your HACCP? Has your training policy been altered or does your system need updating in line with new legislation or guidance? STS are here for you!

Additionally, we annually update your food safety management and HACCP systems, giving you peace of mind knowing you’ll always be compliant.

For more information on how you can have a food safety management system tailored to your exact needs, call us today on 01252 728 300.


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