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17th May 2018

What Type Of Food Safety Courses Are Best For Your Business?

Whether your an experienced head chef or are fresh out of culinary school, you’ll already know how important food safety courses can be during the progression of your career. But what kind of food safety courses work best for your business? Do you prefer to get everyone in on their days off to complete mandatory, onsite training courses? Are you happy for your servers and chefs to use online food safety courses? How about a combination of the 2, providing both practical and physical food safety courses? Luckily, as part of the ELAS Group, STS are able to offer both types of food safety courses to ensure that your business and your staff are fully trained. But what food safety courses do we offer?

Onsite Food Safety Courses

Through our dedicated training website,, we offer a massive range of both onsite and open food safety courses. You can book a course to be delivered on your premises for upto 12 of your staff or book your place on a course that’s being delivered at one of our nationwide training venues. So what courses do we offer?

As you can see, the ELAS Group offer a wide range of onsite food safety training courses, but what about online training? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there as well!

Online Food Safety Courses

If you haven’t got the time, or budget, to have your entire kitchen or wait staff attend a multiple day training course, you may be interested in our online food safety courses. They provide a cost and time effective training solution for businesses and individuals looking to improve their knowledge. They also act as a cost effective way of refreshing the knowledge of your staff after they’ve achieved their qualifications. So what online food safety courses do we offer?

  • Level 1 Food Safety – has been designed to educate all delegates in the basics of food safety.
  • Level 2 Food Safety – provides food handlers with a sound, basic understanding of all food safety hazards and their associated best practices.
  • Level 3 Food Safety – for anyone who manages or supervises small, medium or large catering or retail businesses. Particularly relevant for those who have to develop or monitor their HACCP based food safety management procedures and systems.
  • Allergen Awareness – provides delegates with an understanding food allergens and food labelling, in line with the new legislation. Topics include the 14 allergens, allergenic reactions, food labelling, hygiene precautions and first aid.

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