Chefs working in a kitchen
10th October 2016

Make Sure Your Business Is Ready

Food businesses in Wales are already required to display their food hygiene ratings certificate in a prominent position in their business but from 28 November 2016 takeaway food businesses will also be required to include them on any promotional materials e.g. menus and leaflets.

Concerns were raised regarding the cost of potentially having to reprinting their promotional materials following each inspection therefore the Welsh assembly has specified that materials should clearly direct consumers to the FSA website in order for consumers to see the hygiene ratings for the business.

Fiona Sinclair, Director of STS, says: “The food hygiene rating system allows customers to make an informed choice on where they eat, based on the ratings. Wales has been at the forefront of the food hygiene ratings system for many years and this can only be a good thing for consumers. As far as the cost goes for business owners, as long as a business complies with all existing food hygiene legislation and follows good practice, it should be easy for them to reach a 5* rating. The money they spend training staff to put proper food safety systems in place and ensure they fully understand and comply with all food safety regulations will save them more in the long run.”

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