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3rd October 2016

Are you keeping poultry behind your restaurant?

A takeaway in Wigan is under fire after food safety inspectors found live chickens in the back yard. A concerned resident called the council to report the chickens and inspectors are now looking into whether food safety regulations have been breached.

STS Director Mike Williams says: “The fact that live chickens were found in the backyard of a takeaway is shocking and demonstrates a lack of appreciation of the risks of contamination to foods which are supplied to customers.”

“Chickens are well known to carry a variety of infections ranging from campylobacter to salmonella and, in more recent years, variants of avian flu. Therefore, allowing such birds to roam free in an area where there may be contact with food or food storage/preparation equipment is certainly not acceptable. There may be mitigating circumstances such as the proximity to the premises that the chickens were roaming but, in reality, food businesses should not be permitting live birds or animals anywhere near food preparation rooms so as to help avoid the risk of contamination.”

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