2nd March 2017

Pub Owners Fined For ‘Completely Avoidable’ Food Poisoning Death

A 71 year old woman became ill and died from food poisoning after eating roast lamb at a Cornish...

25th January 2017

Some schools are failing children when it comes to food hygiene

Some schools in England and Wales are failing children when it comes to food hygiene in school kitchens. Many schools outsource the provision of meals to outside caterers however the food hygiene rating score applies to the school itself, something parents seem unaware of. The ELAS Group submitted a...

23rd January 2017

Acrylamide – What Does It Mean For Food Businesses?

What Is Acrylamide? The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched a “Go for Gold” campaign to raise awareness of...

20th January 2017

Schools Failing Pupils When It Comes To Food Hygiene

Research Shows Food Hygiene An Issue For Schools Our research has found that some schools in England and Wales...


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