Level 2 Award in Healthier Eating and Special Diets

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Level 2 Award in Healthier Eating and Special Diets Training Course

This level 2 award in healthier eating and special diets training course has been designed by the food safety experts at STS Solutions to provide all delegates with a good, basic understanding of nutrition and is aimed, primarily, at those who are currently employed or are seeking employment within a catering environment or are involved in the creation of menus and recipes or the selection of ingredients. This healthier eating and special diets training course is also suitable for anyone currently working in, or seeking employment in, the health care, health promotion and education sectors as well as being perfectly suited for any individual who is simply interested in learning about healthier eating and special diets for themselves and their own family. Anyone who is currently working in a job that involves the promotion and marketing of food products and services could also stand to benefit from this course so they can improve their knowledge of healthier eating and the basics of health and nutrition.

Upon completion of this course, all successful delegates will:

  • Develop a good basic understanding of nutrition principles and terminology
  • Will be able to understand the requirements of a balanced diet and its positive effect on health
  • Have an appreciation of the different groups of people and the different diets they require
  • Be able to identify peoples different needs, allergies and food intolerances
  • Have a basic knowledge of the requirements of the current legislation
  • Fully understand the impact food processing and manufacturing can have on the nutritional content of foods
  • Will have a full appreciation of the importance of accurate nutritional information being available on food products
  • Understand special diets required by individuals, including people with diabetes, pregnant women and breast feeding women

Level 2 Award in Healthier Eating Training Course Duration
This training course is delivered in a day by our highly qualified and experienced instructors, in an interactive and engaging manner

Training Course Dates and Locations
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Training Course Costs
Prices start from just £85+ VAT per person

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