Level 3 Award in Health and Safety

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Level 3 Award in Health and Safety Training Course

This popular extremely three day health and safety training course will provide all participating delegates with a thorough understanding of key factors and emphasizes the importance of monitoring staff and controls. It also details the need for a structured management approach to health & safety and the key factors in implementing relevant policies.

This health and safety training course is suitable for employees from any type of workplace. It is also suitable as ‘first stage’ training for Supervisors, Managers and Owners as an overview of the requirements of a safe workplace.

This course also educates all members of staff on what they can do within the workplace to prevent accidents and illness which could potentially result in disability, death or incapacity for work for any employees involved. Members of your management team, including supervisors are in an ideal position within your business to not only influence but also monitor and train all members of your staff. As supervisors and managers within your business, they should be expected to not only remain informed of any potential changes but also must actively persuade, encourage or pressure other members of your management team into providing better better standards for everyone within your business.

Training Course Duration
The level 3 health and safety course is delivered over the course of 3 days by one of our highly qualified and experienced instructors, in an interactive and engaging manner

Dates and Locations
For information on our upcoming course dates and locations, please contact STS Solutions

Training Course Costs
£399 plus VAT

Download the entire level 3 health and safety syllabus here.

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