Level 2 HACCP Award

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Level 2 HACCP Training Course

This is a one day, level 2 HACCP training course which will provide those involved with or responsible for devising and/or implementing a HACCP system with a good understanding of the principals of HACCP. This level 2 HACCP training course will help organisations to meet the legal requirements for HACCP training. This HACCP training course will be particularly useful for those involved in the implementation and maintenance of HACCP procedures as well as being useful for all individuals who are, or intend to become, members of HACCP teams.

HACCP is a risk assessment system which is based upon the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

Within the EU, it is a legal requirement for every business within the food sector to both develop and maintain a food risk assessment system to ensure that the business is taking every step possible to produce safe food for both consumers and, in the case of a food manufacturing company, their customers. It is also a legal requirement that every individual within a business who has any responsibility for the development and maintenance of a HACCP system to adequately trained to the standards required to understand the principles of HACCP. So if you’re in the food industry, our level 2 HACCP training course will ensure that every member of your staff has the knowledge they need to keep your business compliant with all current legislation.

Level 2 HACCP Course Duration
1 day

HACCP training course dates and Location
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£95.00 plus VAT

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