Food Safety Training Courses

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Food Safety Training Courses By The Leading Food Hygiene Consultancy

Ensuring that your staff have been suitably trained in all aspects of food safety should be paramount within any business operating in the food industry. That’s why all of our food safety training courses have been devised by a leading food hygiene consultant. At STS Solutions, we genuinely believe that our food safety training courses are all your business will need to stay compliant with industry legislation and we’ve got the accolades to prove it, that’s why we are the UK’s leading food hygiene consultancy!

For example, it is a legal requirement that high risk food handlers have equivalent to Level 2 food safety. It is also good practice that supervisory and management staff have Level 3 food safety or Level 4 food safety training. However, our expert food hygiene consultant team also offer a wide range of additional training courses designed to keep your business compliant and your staff at the top of their game. The courses include Level 2 HACCP, Level 3 HACCP, Level 3 effective auditing and inspection and Level 4 food management as well as wide range of other training and e learning courses. So no matter what courses you’re looking for, trust an STS food hygiene consultant to deliver for your business.

As a leading food hygiene consultancy, we offer a comprehensive range of training courses at our training centres in Manchester and Surrey. We can also hold courses at an independent location or ‘in house’ at your premises.

As one of the UK’s largest training centres, every food hygiene consultant places high importance on delivery quality, interactive training with emphasis on inclusive learning.

If you still need more information on any of our wide range of food safety training courses or any of our training or e learning courses, call the UK’s leading food hygiene consultancy, STS Solutions, today on 01252 728 300