Environmental Protection

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Environmental Protection Training Courses

Protecting the environment around us is an important not only for the health of humanity and everything on earth, but also for businesses. Protecting the environment can lead to all kinds of benefits for businesses and that’s why at STS Solutions, we offer a range of environmental protection training courses. The ability for us, as a species,  to continue to breathe clean air, have access to clean drinking water and to be able to protect ourselves from the things which may harm us are fundamental to our survival. That’ why STS Solutions believe that as a business owner, you are obligated to do everything you can to restrict the damage that your business can cause to our environment and our environmental protection training courses have been developed to provide every business with the information they need to know.

Our environmental protection training courses will provide you with the knowledge your business needs to enable you to increase awareness of key environmental concepts and to provide an introduction to environmental management systems to your business.

We also offer a range of environmental protection training to give your employees the knowledge they need to allow them to take on a more active role in environmental management and to identify and manage environmental effects

Environmental Management Systems (EMS) such as ISO14001 and EMAS are a core part of manager’s activities.

Both our environmental protection courses have been specifically designed to give those with responsibilities within an environmental management system a clear understanding of the requirements and benefits of implementing and operating effective environmental management systems.

For fees for in house environmental protection course at your premises or for information about any of our wide range of e learning or to book another training course, call 01252 728 300 or complete the contact form and a member of our team will call you back.