Standard for Food Safety Issue 7 – Conversion Course for Manufacturers

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Standard for Food Safety Issue 7 Conversion Course for Manufacturers

The Issue 7 Conversion Course for Manufacturers aims to provide delegates with an in depth understanding of the revisions to the format and content of the Food Safety Issue 7, including particular reference to the changes made in response to the issues and concerns of the food industry. Our Conversion Course for Manufacturers aims to educate all staff to become compliant with the Standard for Food Safety Issue 7.

The course is designed to equip delegates with the skills and knowledge to successfully implement Issue 7 of the Standard at their work site.

Before any delegate is allowed to begin this course, the delegate must have read and reviewed a copy of the Standard.

The course is aimed at those who currently work as manufacturers, technical and quality managers and consultants.

At the end of the course, all delegates will have a complete understanding of the reasons for the changes to the Standard, including industry developments; be able to explain how these changes will prove to be beneficial to retailers, manufacturers, auditors and consumers; understand the changes from Issue 6 including changes to the format of the Standard, changes that have been made to the existing clauses, all new requirements / clauses, and voluntary models. Delegates will also know how the audit process should now be carried out and reported.

The conversion course for manufacturers is delivered over a single day by our highly qualified and experienced instructors, in an interactive and engaging manner

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