BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7

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BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7

This course, from STS Solutions, is designed to help technical teams gain a firm understanding of the BRC requirements for the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7, as well as the evidence that you will be expected to be able to present during the audit process.

Issue 7 was developed by the BRC to specify the food safety, quality and operational criteria that is required to be in place within every food manufacturing organisation to fulfil their obligations with regard to legal compliance and protection of the consumer.

Through completion of this course, all delegates will need to have a full understanding of all the requirements and strategies that you will be required to know for successful implementation of the BRC Global Standard, will understand the leadership strategies required for instilling good food safety and quality culture, will know how to prepare any and all evidence that would be needed to satisfy the BRC requirements during an audit process and you would be expected to be able to identify any areas of learning which may be needed, outside of this course, for successful implementation of the BRC requirements.

This course involves discussions, questions and practical exercises. It is expected that all delegates participate in all required course material.

STS Solutions would also advise all course delegates that is is preferable that they have previous HACCP knowledge before undertaking the course.

The course is delivered over a 2 days by our highly qualified and experienced instructors, in an interactive and engaging manner

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