Serving The Allergenic and Food Intolerant Customer


Serving The Allergenic and Food Intolerant Customer E Learning Course

This serving the allergenic and food intolerant customer e learning course provides delegates with an understanding food allergens and food labelling, in line with the new legislation.

The course covers the following subjects:

  • Introduction to food allergens
  • Identify which businesses and organisations are impacted by the new allergen labelling regulations for non packaged foods
  • Definition of food allergens and food allergies
  • Distinguish between food allergies, food intolerance, and coeliac disease
  • Identify common food allergies and their causes
  • Explain the physical symptoms of ingesting food allergens
  • Identify foods that contain the 14 regulated food allergens
  • Define the benefits to customers of new regulations
  • State the difference between ‘old’ style and ‘new’ style food labelling
  • Explain how non packed foods are labelled
  • State the exemptions to food labelling
  • Define ‘advisory labelling’
  • Explain the requirements for food allergy advice statements
  • Identify common cross contamination warnings and when these are used
  • Identify the impact of overuse of cross contamination warnings
  • Explain what ‘free from’ means in advertising and labelling
  • State the law in identifying and notifying the public of regulated food allergens for non packaged food
  • Identify how to purchase and store food safely
  • State how to create ‘free from’ lists for each recipe, to reduce regulated food allergens
  • Identify strategies for modifying recipes to reduce regulated food allergens
  • Identify the correct procedure for serving a customer with a food allergy for both regulated and non regulated products
  • Identify the food allergens that may be present in foreign cuisines and common dishes
  • State the hygiene precautions for preparing food for people with food allergies
  • State the action to take if a customer has a severe anaphylaxis attack

Assessment and Certification
All delegates will be assessed through a multiple choice exam consisting of 30 questions. Upon successful completion all delegates will achieve a nationally recognised certification.

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