Licensing Law Awareness


The Licensing Law Awareness E Learning Course

The licensing law awareness e learning course is aimed at those working with a retail organisation, which serves alcohol to the public. It is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), and all delegates who pass the course will receive a nationally recognised certification.

It is essential that all businesses which serve alcohol and their employees understand the existing licensing legislation and the ways in which these laws are implemented. This licensing law awareness e learning course will ensure delegates achieve a thorough understanding of their responsibilities and the legal requirements.

The licensing law awareness course includes a quick review to ensure optimum learning. It covers a wide variety of subjects within the licensing laws, including:

  • The Licensing Law Act (2003)
  • Personal responsibilities when serving alcohol
  • Alcohol and its effects
  • Underage drinking
  • Drug awareness
  • Preventing trouble
  • Dealing with confrontational incidents

The benefits of having this e learning course certification include:

  • You and your employees will have a thorough understanding of the current licensing laws in the UK
  • Both you and your employees will understand the importance of adhering to licensing laws, meaning your business is less likely to fall foul of the law
  • You and your employees will develop the knowledge and skills you need to ensure your business is operating within the licensing laws.
  • You will learn the application and legal processes when applying for a Personal Licence (anyone who is responsible for serving alcohol to the public must be a Personal Licence holder, in accordance with the Licensing Law Act 2003).

How does the e learning course work?

The Licensing Law Awareness course is an interactive, online training course aimed at developing your employees understanding of the UK Licensing Law. It can be completed in your own time and is designed to be interactive and easy to understand.

E learning course assessment and certification
All delegates will be assessed through a multiple choice e learning exam at the end of the course. This consists of 30 questions. Upon passing, delegates will achieve a nationally recognised certification issued by the CIEH.

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