Introduction To First Aid Awareness


The Introduction to First Aid Awareness E Learning Course

Health and Safety within the workplace is of the utmost importance to every business. All employers have a legal obligation under the Health and Safety Regulations 1981 to ensure that there is adequate First Aid provision for all of their employees when in the workplace. These regulations apply to all workplaces, regardless of the number of employees, as well as applying to those who are self-employed. The introduction to first aid awareness e learning course ensures that your workplace remains compliant of all current regulations.

The introduction to first aid awareness course is suitable for delegates of any position within a business, this course provides all participants with the basic skills and knowledge they’ll need to deal with any first-aid situations that may arise within low-risk work environments such as shops and offices.

The first aid awareness course has been developed by CIEH to provide all delegates with an immersive, educational and easily understandable training experience to help educate all delegates in the importance of First Aid awareness. The e learning course is an interactive, online experience which includes a wide range of learning styles to ensure that all delegates have the most comprehensive learning experience available.

The e learning course includes a quick review of the course material, to ensure an optimum learning experience and covers the following subjects:

  • Introduction to First Aid
  • First aid equipment
  • First at scene
  • Fire prevention measures
  • Unconscious causalities
  • First aid incidents
  • Treating minor injuries

E Learning Course Assessment and Certification
All delegates will be assessed through a multiple choice exam consisting of 30 questions. Upon successful completion of the exam, all delegates will achieve a nationally recognised certification.

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