5th April 2017

McDonald’s To Serve Fresh Burgers

How Could This Affect Their Menu? McDonald’s has announced that their Quarter Pounder burgers will be made with fresh...

2nd March 2017

Pub Owners Fined For ‘Completely Avoidable’ Food Poisoning Death

A 71 year old woman became ill and died from food poisoning after eating roast lamb at a Cornish...

21st February 2017

How Dirty Is Your Meat?

Should You Expect Meat To Be Completely Clean? Expecting to receive raw meat that is free from bacteria is...

21st February 2017

Is Naming & Shaming Always Fair?

Bakers Forced To Cough Up The Dough Following on from our article regarding the government’s naming and shaming of…

16th February 2017

More Employers Not Paying National Minimum Wage

Another List Has Been Released Naming And Shaming Companies Who Fail To Pay The National Minimum Wage

25th January 2017

Some schools are failing children when it comes to food hygiene

Some schools in England and Wales are failing children when it comes to food hygiene in school kitchens. Many...

25th January 2017

Kent Cafe Receives 1 Star Food Hygiene Rating

Would You Trust A 1 Star Food Hygiene Rating? A cafe in Kent is under fire after its head...

23rd January 2017

Acrylamide – What Does It Mean For Food Businesses?

What Is Acrylamide? The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched a ‘Go for Gold’ campaign to raise awareness of...

20th January 2017

Schools Failing Pupils When It Comes To Food Hygiene

Research Shows Food Hygiene An Issue For Schools Our research has found that some schools in England and Wales...

18th January 2017

How Will Brexit Affect The Hospitality Industry?

Will Brexit Bring Major Changes? When Felix Baumgartner made his jump from the edge of space he probably hoped...


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